Business English for Special Purposes

Teilnahmevoraussetzung: Schulische Vorkenntnisse; gegenwärtiger praktischer Bedarf Dauer: Drei Tage Teilnehmerzahl: ab 4 Personen Workshop 1: The Purchasing Department Inhalt: Discussing quotations, prices, delivery dates, terms and conditions. Dealing with problems. Basic negotiation skills. Finalising agreements in writing. Workshop 2: Finance and Controlling Inhalt: Understanding and preparing financial reports. Balance sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts. Discussing business results, targets and strategies. Workshop 3: Managing International Project Inhalt: Building multi-national teams. Chairing international meetings. Planning and making arrangements. Monitoring and reporting on progress. Workshop 4: International Presentation Skills Inhalt: Structuring your presentation for international audiences. Bullet points and visuals. Focus and Rhetoric for interesting and persuasive presentations. Workshop 5: Efficient Business Writing Inhalt: Making and keeping contact by e-mail. Writing reports for international readers. Workshop 6: English for Engineers Inhalt: Contact and small talk skills around business meetings. Describing and discussing technical objects and processes in a non-technical way. How to use technical jargon effectively. Workshop 7 + 8:  Insurance English 7: Insurance Company Information Inhalt:Who we are and what we do; Ownership, Structure, Business Model, Culture; Types of insurance; Our products 8: Presenting an insurance product Inhalt:USP; Features and Benefits; Handling question Workshop 9 + 10: Sales and Marketing 9: Products and Target Groups Inhalt: Briefing agencies; Discussing target groups and marketing strategies; Brochures 10: Sales Talk Inhalt: Presenting products and services; negotiating and closing deals