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Essential Language Skills for Relocating to Germany

– German Courses in Nürnberg

Our German Courses Nürnberg offer a modular package of tailored lessons and courses for professionals, their spouses and their families. Our Initial German Intensive Courses in Nuremberg provide practical language teaching specially designed for non-German speakers faced with living and working in Germany. Whether you are relocating to Nuremberg or to any other place in Germany, our lessons make sure that your stay is a success. Simply contact us for a preliminary skype interview to assess your German language level and your specific requirements.

We combine multi-media classroom hours with the necessary contact skills to survive in a new foreign country. This involves guiding our participants through everyday situations in Nuremberg such as going shopping and eating out. Depending on your language level, your lessons will include:

• Applying for a residence permit
• Opening a bank account
• Negotiating with landlords, telephone and electricity companies etc.
• Making travel arrangements
• Leisure activities

If you need more assistance than German language training, contact us and enquire about our complete Nuremberg relocation package which deals with everything from accommodation, registration, dealing with authorities to finding schools and kindergartens etc.

Feel at home with German Courses in Nürnberg

We focus on making our students feel at home and enabling them to rapidly establish themselves as part of the new cultural environment, thereby contributing to an enjoyable and profitable stay in Germany.

Duration 100 – 200 classroom hours (45 min.) 2 – 6 weeks.

After this, we offer the full range of training on every level, from general language classes to German for special purposes.

Our courses are suitable for employees and their spouses. Special courses for children are available. Our German lessons in Nuremberg have been successfully attended by participants from international companies such as adidas, Electrolux, AlcatelLucent, Lidl, Siemens and others.